Monday, February 24, 2003

I think my usually shitty January has transferred itself to a shitty February. Or maybe it's just winter all round, this whole quarter-year is one I generally get the blues through anyway.

Unfortunately it's just another bout of combining factors, none of which are anyone's fault (except maybe the BS at work) and all of which will go away in time, though not by my staring at them and willing them to *poof* dissapear. The biggest one currently seems to be the American idea that two weeks of vacation time for an entire year is more than enough to keep the workers rested and happy, thus leading to work hard, play hard and leaving rest and relaxation by the wayside, whimpering into it's mug of hot chocolate while trying to erect a broken deckchair.

Heh, just that little random image cheered me up. Probably because rest and relaxation was also wearing fuzzy slippers and one of those ridiculous beach hats that my Grandad used to wear for gardening.

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