Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I have no idea why I'm so tired recently, but I'm not worried about it because it isn't a wiped-out unwell kind of tired, it's just a nap time... feeling. The easiest answer is I'm recovering lost sleep from the past stressful months (or maybe even year), which is probably true, I'm also getting more exercise from parking off-campus. I've already cut the walk from 15-20 minutes to more like 10 after a two weeks of striding up the hill. Sure, I huff and puff and get all pink and frazzled looking, but as soon as I reach my car (or work, depending on which direction) my breath is back, the heavy breathing merely seems to be maintaining my speed, not a sign I'm about to collapse and asphyxiate. My calf muscles usually feel like rocks at the end of the day now, until I give them some serious stretching.

So far my only real problem with this new work place is the absence of a communal coffee machine. Funny how you don't realise a dependency until you are deprived. I'm taking steps to rectify this problem though, I've ordered an espresso machine, which will be here in about a month because it's one of the rare items that takes 2 weeks to ship from amazon.com [>]. I know I could have just gone to Target and bought a coffee machine for $25, but I'm not a filter-drip coffee drinker by choice. I like the full flavour that comes through with my french press, but the kettle takes quarter of an hour to boil (yes, I've been timing it) and that's too long for morning coffee! Then I found an espresso machine for $50, a space-age one at that, and my dreadful coffee-dilemma was solved.

Shallow though this all seems, I'm putting it up because it's fun having my biggest problem this week being whether to buy a filter drip machine or an espresso machine. Not to mention my excitement at an impending new toy.

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