Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Shocked I even scored 8%

I am:
"You're a complete liberal, utterly without a trace of Republicanism. Your strength is as the strength of ten because your heart is pure. (You hope.)"

Are You A Republican?


Wendy said...

Hey - great reference! I'm -10% republican, yes that's a MINUS. they claim I'm a commie. bah! I just know corporate thuggery and reverse-Robin-Hoodism when I sees it!

Rosemary Grace said...

Heh, I was actually a bit disappointed to find I'm ANY percentage Republican...it's probably because I wasn't in the mood to select the most obviously radical lefty answers.I usually feel great sympathy for the sentiment "DOWN WITH THE RICH!" but I know in the real world it wouldn't actually happen.

Must purge that 8%, get myself down to at least zero% republican!

Wendy said...

well there are (or at least used to be) some good things in Republicanism. like, back in Lincoln's day! ;) get yourself to some protests, purge that 8% if it's bothering you! you'll probably see me there, being carted off to jail...

K said...

I wouldn't really have minded if they had claimed I was a commie... but I scored 9%. Then again, not being American, I didn't really know what to put on some of the questions, because I don't know what the press and Social Security are really like - at least, not in detail. From a British point of view, actually, I might be as much as 75% republican with a small r. In real life, I mostly vote Green. Or Liberal Democrat.

But I had to have a go, because I'm addicted to this kind of quiz. What would my life be if I didn't know I was free verse, a good bardic half-elf, Young's Special Ale, and that Dillian farms my town? And now I know I'm 9% Republican, I can fight the tendency!