Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sleep? It's overrated

I would not do well living in the tropics. It's only been hovering between 70-80% humidity here, with temperatures ranging from the 70s at campus to the high 90s where I live, compared to many places just in the US that's NOTHING. But I'm suffering, especially where sleep is concerned. First we have the problem that the A/C unit is in the living room, so we open windows in the bedroom, which results in much excited climbing and leaping about of cats. All night. Venetian blinds going *scrunch scrunch CLACK* is not a restful lullaby. Cats standing on your head/face on their way to the window above your head? Also not restful. Funny. But not restful.

This morning I was woken by a cry of distress from Matt, followed by the statement "Marble just SAT ON MY FACE!" I must admit that I wasn't too sympathetic, I thought of that Monty Python song and started giggling, it serves me right that I still have it playing in my head now. I just hope I stay awake enough not to start humming it under my breath, I don't want to shock my coworkers too much.

I think this weekend we will be taking several naps to compensate for a week of crummy overheated cat-bothered not-sleeping-through-the-night. The only other thing we have planned is to toddle over to the local Home Depot to learn how to install ceramic floor tiles, knowledge we plan to apply by creating a slate-tiled patch by our front door. Real slate is such yummy looking stuff, with all the natural colour variations and the nifty uneven surface, as soon as we saw the slate mixed in with the ceramic floor tile samples on display we both started drooling and figuring how to incorporate them into our place. We're officially grownups now: planning naps and home improvement projects for our weekend, not to mention getting excited over a style of floor tiles.


K said...

You are not alone with the cat problem.

Ah, dear, the Monty Python song. The last time this was mentioned in my presence, I said I'd never heard it ("Sit on your face and WHAT, sorry?), which caused the 15 people at my table to sing it to me, word-perfect. We were in a crowded restaurant at the time...

Will it make you homesick if I tell you that Edinburgh was 53 degrees yesterday, and doesn't feel any warmer today, and is rather wet? No, probably not.

Rosemary Grace said...

I actually miss rain. I don't miss waiting for busses in it, but I do miss rain! Just don't quote me on that if I ever move to a place with more weather than SoCal.

My friends at school and I used to sing the penis song in lunch break. We got in a lot of trouble. It being a private girl's school and all.