Friday, December 30, 2005

Obey the Gingerbread

Originally uploaded by Rosemary Grace.
Yes, that is a river of chocolate surrounded by mini marshmallows. In the top right corner of the photo there is a bowl of peanut butter flavoured fudge to cancel out any virtue we might feel by eating the bits of fruit and veg.

Despite this photograph, so far the festive season has been pretty "good" as far as pigging out goes. I may make up for that tomorrow night at the New Year's Eve party we're hosting.

Hosting Hogmanay. YAY. I'm excited. New Year's Eve is a big deal in Scotland, and I've garanteed us a bunch of first footers by tempting them into our home with ham and mulled wine.


K said...

Cool - you're back!

Have been meaning to e-mail you for ages, but have been horrendously busy. Hope you had a good party! (I now have a mental image of you wafting mulled wine steam at passersby...)

Rosemary Grace said...

The mulled wine was not as much of a hit as the kir royals as it turned out. The next day we figured out we'd consumed 2 bottles of champagne PER PERSON.

It was a very fun party. What I can remember of it. ;->