Friday, February 10, 2006

We Love General Anesthetics

I spent a significant portion of yesterday unconscious, and when I came out of it I was filled with much happy love for the world (including the nurse who came over to me every once in a while to remind me to breathe properly because I kept dozing off and not breathing enough apparently). Highly preferable to lying on a table feeling no pain but being intensely aware of every tug and pull as a doctor fiddles about with your skin and stitches you up.

Now I'm a bit headachey and my face feels a little swollen, but I think that's pretty good for one large, one medium, and FIVE small incisions on my face. I'm also a little tanked up on vicodin, so I'm probably fairly incoherent.

The coolest part is that the dye they injected into the site of the tumor (so they could locate the correct lymph node) was bright blue, and now so is that part of my face! Yesterday the entire under-eye circle was this amazing bright cerulean blue. Like the height of 1980s eyeshadow tackiness, only UNDER my eye. It's already faded to a mere wash of turquoise, Matt got a photo about halfway between the peak of blueness and where I am now.

Biopsy results next Friday. I'm really glad the surgery's done with, I shall probably worry more about the results as Friday approaches.


Slim Suzy said...

Just found your blog and wanted to wish you luck for Friday. Hope you are recovering well and feeling OK.

You have an amazingly interesting profession!

K said...

You sound pretty coherent to me. My mum had a general anaesthetic a week ago and has been complaining that they seem to have removed part of her brain along with her gallbladder (she may feel dopey, but seems much as usual and knew all the answers on University Challenge the evening after the op). Happy love sounds better - I believe it's a not uncommon side effect!

I hate locals, and do not do well at the dentist's, so I understand you there. Being blue doesn't sound good, but at least it's temporary...

Rosemary Grace said...

The blue was immensely amusing for some reason. Probably because it was a distraction from any bruising it was hiding.

I'm back at work this morning, feeling a little spaced out, but I work with very nice people so it's good to be back.