Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Continuing in the "spl-" theme today.

Matt and I are checking out a new gym. New to us, that is. We've got a free trial 7-day pass this week. It's a historic San Diego location, ON THE BEACHFRONT, with a lovely covered swimming pool, yoga classes, aerobics classes, the usual cardio machines, free weights and isolation machines, all in well- lit pleasant rooms with nice wooden floors. Except the pool, which has astroturf around it. Weird, but completely non-slippery. There is also a hot tub, with a view of surfing machines. I haven't gone to look at the surfing machines, but my understanding is they're tanks with a wave-maker, and people ride skim boards or small surf boards on the wave (one at a time). So at some point I will be hanging out in a hot tub overlooking the Pacific, watching surf monkeys skimboard on a specially made wave machine. I love California.

I swam yesterday and today before work, only 20 minutes each time, but my muscles are feeling it. The really great thing is that driving to the gym, then from the gym to work is actually LESS total time in my car every morning. I leave early enough to miss the West bound traffic heading to the coast, then the stretch from the gym to work isn't that busy. I do have to get up earlier, but I think it's pretty cool that I'm adding in a workout, and actually spending 10-20 minutes less time driving per day.


K said...

Hi there...

I tried to post a sympathetic and rambling comment on the previous entry, but Blogger ate it like a square of Ritter Sport and licked its lips. (I can resist Ritter Sport OK. Jon once had to be hospitalised after eating a bit! He's allergic to nuts and apparently it has hazelnut paste in it. And it has the world's silliest advertising slogan, which translates as "Square. Practical. Good.")

The depression thing is really really hard, no question, but it sounds as though you are doing all the right things...

Your gym sounds SO much cooler than my gym.

Rosemary Grace said...

Thanks, the little comments you make here and there regarding your husband's depression actually help a lot. It's good seeing someone having such a practical (yet still sympathetic) approach.

The coolness factor is why we're planning to join this gym, it being a genuinely nice place with a big slice of California character makes me want to go. The pool reminds me of the Porty baths for some reason.