Friday, October 06, 2006

Sub-ba Cul-cha

There is a line in a Pixies song where Frank Black sings "sub culture" in typical grunty Frank Black wierdo style. I now have this one fraction of a line stuck in my head, I can't even remember which song it's from.

The sub culture I'm thinking of right now is that of knitting and crochet. I recently took up knitting, now I'm trying crochet, making scarves for my Mum, Sister and Dad for Christmas. I signed up for Lion Brand emails hoping I'd get coupons or something, but mostly it's ads for pattern books and the odd free pattern. At least now I understand some of the jargon, though I doubt I'll ever be someone who constantly carries yarn, needles and hooks with me. I may be a tad obsessive about some things, but my hands can be idle without me flipping my wig.

The pattern book advertized in today's email is all patterns for shawls, shrugs and wraps, I'm sort of tempted, I like cozy wrap-type clothing. I look at the picture on the front and think "I'd love to make that!", I think about making a couple of swishy wraps for friends. Then I read the second part of the book description:

"Book Inclues 30 original designs including a Western-style men's poncho ("moncho"), and an adorable children's capelet embellished with organza ribbon."


I am speechless. (Also not buying this book)


Kyrwyn said...

Because you are scientific and crafty and now into yarn, you may appreciate these abstract math crochet projects at The Institute for Figuring. I started making one awhile back, and they're very easy and fun, but probably destined to be cat toys at your place.

It took me forever to find the link again or I would have sent it over sooner. ^^

Rosemary Grace said...

I think I'm currently much more capable of thinking in 4 dimensions than I am of crocheting in 3. "Scarf" is my entire repetoire currently. Rectangular.

I love that somebody out there is enough of a geek, not only to make these, but to have a website dedicated to them. Better non-euclidian geometric shapes and coral reef models than monchos...

Kyrwyn said...

Moncho is a very scary word. It probably says something about my geek factor that "non-euclidian" is less scary to me than "moncho."

I'm glad you enjoyed the link. Have a good weekend!

K said...

I've seen a pattern for knitting a Klein bottle hat (and also the hats themselves on sale at a website - there's also a matching Mobius scarf) which I am geek enough to find very cool indeed.

B.E.C.K. said...

Hey, I saw your comment on Bitch Ph.D. and stopped in to say hi. I think this is the first time I've seen someone local to me in my blog travels. Anyway, I live in the next city over and herd a five-year-old instead of cats. Hi, neighbor! :)