Sunday, June 17, 2007

I win!

Monday marks our 2nd wedding anniversary. We have celebrated this weekend by driving up to the mountains and visiting the winery we bought our wedding wine from, and spending the day together window shopping and buying a few nice things for our house. We've been going to that winery's tasting room since we were first together, for five years (and a couple of months) now. We've been living together for 4 years since the 5th of June.

Earlier today I asked Matt if it was odd that I viewed this year's marking of five years together as much more significant that having been married for two years. This means I've been with him longer than I was in university, longer than my longest other relationship (2.5 years). We've been together longer than he was in the US Navy, THAT is significant to me. He said "yeah, 5 years is a good landmark, this is a lot more fun that being in the Navy."

I WIN! More fun than the armed services. I think I'll add that to my business card.

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K said...

Well, I see J and my upcoming 9 years together as quite significant (more so than our first wedding anniversary). But then 9 is my favourite number and I like threes and nines.

To be honest, I didn't see our wedding as changing things _that_ much, because we were just as much a unit before we had the rings on our fingers. Also, we didn't start living on our own for a while afterwards!