Monday, September 24, 2007

Three pixels outside the Bank Hotel

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While back in Edinburgh for a visit I managed to have a coffee with K and Shauna aka Dietgirl. It always feels a little strange sitting comfortably having a chat and realizing you met someone through the internet. Technically, only Shauna is "from the web", since K and I figured out that we went to nursery school together at age 4, but reconnected through both being readers of Shauna's.

I'm very happy to have been able to meet two such sweet and witty women in the flesh. It's a shame I live so far from them most of the time!

K and her mum, Isabelle were able to come over for an impromptu coffee that weekend, unfortunately Shauna had another mountain to conquer. My parents got a kick out of the whole scenario of the two kiddies bumping into each other online 20 years later, and even more of a kick this past Saturday when they ran into Isabelle again at a charity event. The world keeps shrinking, it's just a pity the airfare and travel times are not shrinking along with it.

All of the photos from our trip are still on the camera or the travel hard-drive, including the cow photo session. I plan to upload a lot to flickr, and post a few as blog posts, AND make a tabblo, but I have just found out that SDSU is accepting applicants to start the MPH program in January, so I have forms to fill out, references and transcripts to request, and an admission essay to write. Application deadline is Nov 1st, I also have to figure out a "retro sci-fi" halloween costume for a party.


Loth said...

Great photo! I regularly walk past the Bank Hotel on my way to court (for work, honestly!) and it doesn't matter what time of day it is, the smell of chips is wafting out of there. Makes me hungry every time...
Very jealous of your internet-y coffee chat!

Shauna said...

aww :) it was fab meeting you, RG! Good luck with your deadline, yikes!

K said...

Oooh, the photo is up! (Yes, I did receive your e-mail with the other photos, I just haven't got round to doing anything with them...)

Good luck with the applications. I wish I was going to a retro sci-fi Hallowe'en party!