Friday, October 12, 2007

psychedelic mac fun

psychedelic mac fun
Originally uploaded by Rosemary Grace
I wish macs weren't so expensive, I really want my own little ibook with it's own little photobooth, instead of surreptitiously snapping myself at work for Friday entertainment. The lab looks much more impressive in this colourized version than in the "normal" setting.


Loth said...

Cool. My 9 year old son wants to work where you work now!

K said...

Oh, I am such a nerd. I looked at you and thought "Oh, just like one of the blue aliens from the Doctor Who episode where the Earth blew up."

(As it was Doctor Who, they were blue aliens with English accents.)

I do like the psychedelic photo, though.

Rosemary Grace said...

Amazing how exciting the colour effect can make shelves full of rolls of paper towels, boxes of tissues and packs of surgical gloves isn't it?

Now I have just had a haircut and am at home with NO PHOTOBOOTH on either computer. The world will have to wait until Monday.