Saturday, March 15, 2008

...fellow, well met


It has hailed twice this afternoon, it came on very quickly, the first time mixed with rain, so it took us a while to realize what was making the *ping* noise on the BBQ, the second time, just dry hailstones the size of green peas or larger (almost 1cm across!). The kids in the flat across the green ran out, giggling, to experience it, then they pulled out bright yellow umbrellas with ducks faces painted on. We stood on our doormat, under the overhang of the balcony above, enjoying the novelty, and feeling the air drop temperature by the minute, until it dropped a little too much for sandals (Matt) and pajamas (me) and we retreated indoors for some spicy tea.


K said...


It is a lovely sunny day in Edinburgh today, though perhaps a trifle parky.

Stace said...

I love a bit of hail. I'd kill for it right now, it's been so damn hot here for the last few weeks. Bring on the rain! Hail the hail! etc.

Isabelle said...

I vote for a brief shower and then some sunshine. We were in Norfolk (England) last week and it snowed. Pretty, but COLD.