Friday, April 11, 2008

Job #1, Job #2

I'm in the process of lining up "fieldwork" for the summer for my Master's program. I know this conjures up images of wellington boots, butterfly nets, fishing rods, mud, and...fields, but in my case it's more likely to mean an office with a computer, a pile of reports, surveys, or case studies, and a big fat database into which I distill the important information contained in the pile. The prospect of the office having a real window is exciting, my current office is in the basement, and the lab is in the interior of the building, thus windowless.

Right now I'm hoping I end up in a County program addressing domestic violence, run by a DPH (Doctorate of Public Health) whom I have heard speak twice, as a guest lecturer on the epidemiology of violence. It won't be a lot of hours each week, probably two mornings, a little less than a full working day per week, but it will mean I start work work at about noon on those days, then head towards home about eight in the evening. This sounded crazy until I compared it to my current schedule, where I get home around nine two nights a week. On those days I head out the door in the morning carrying five bags: purse, small briefcase, gym bag, lunch bag, and second "lunch" bag, an insulated one with a cold pack in it, to preserve my evening meal until I arrive on campus after my workout.

This new schedule will have me home just before nine two nights a week, around 7 another two (after working out), and at about 5pm on Fridays, which will also be the day I carpool with my husband. Not to mention NO HOMEWORK for internships. Practically a summer vacation now I think of it.

Humans can talk themselves into anything.


Isabelle said...

Well, yes. Sounds very restful.

Stace said...

I don't know how you do it... I'm currently working 3 days a week, 9am till 3pm, and getting tired by 2pm on a working day... haha. But I am thinking of getting a second job.

K said...

Around NINE! You're hardcore, you are.

I am spoiled at the moment, though, since going home involves biking downhill for fifteen minutes, which is hardly a commute.

Rosemary Grace said...

I do it by cooking ahead on the weekends, not putting away my clothes, and having a messy kitchen. I even stopped folding my knickers, but it's harder to fit them all in the drawer now.

I'm just building a stock of "I am hardcore" stories to bore my future kids with. You can tell 'em you bicycled to work UPHILL in the HAIL.