Friday, May 30, 2008


At work, DPN = Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. In my head (and in knitting) DPN = Double Pointed Needles.

This leads to my reading a journal article sentence thus: "Pre-clinical studies in diabetic rodent models have shown that Double Pointed Needle is the result of a complex network of interrelated vascular, metabolic, and neurotrophic defects..."


K said...

Congratulations on the As! I thought I'd left a comment at the time... but evidently I didn't.

I have acronym dyslexia quite frequently at the moment, because records management uses absolute shedloads of them. SOAS = Society of Archivists Scotland, but also School of African and Oriental Studies. EIR = Environmental Information Regulations, but my spellcheck thinks I mean Eire.

And to me, DP always stands for data protection, which leads me to try to knit with Data Protection Needles. There's something about those needles, evidently.

Isabelle said...

To me, ECT = Edinburgh Corporation Transport, so students who write ect when they mean etc always make me think of the buses of my childhood.