Thursday, July 24, 2008

I wonder if they also do a new-cu-lar blue?

On and off, I've been thinking about having pink streaks in my hair, I had bright fuchsia chunks when I was at university (gulp, eight years ago), and periodically I miss them. Last year, for my birthday, I got deep burgundy/auburn chunks, which mostly showed at the back, and I was briefly satisfied. I have also been thinking that if I'm going to do it, I should perhaps do it NOW, as a graduate student, rather than later, as a Public Health Professional. Yesterday I said to myself "just call Red and have her help you put the damn pink in already". I didn't call yet.

This morning I got a mass text message from her saying she got sent Atomic Pink dye by mistake instead of her customary Nuclear Red, and who wants pink hair...?

I do! Sorry Mum!

(though I have emailed the office I am interning at to see if it would be a problem for me to show up with pink highlights, I'm not THAT dedicated to my inner punk)


Stace said...

Hmm I know the feeling. I'm very bored with my hair right now. In the last few years it's been black, blue, green, orange, purple, various shades of red, brown, blonde... that's probably about it. Now it's just been the same shade of brown for over 3 months... boring!!

K said...

I say go for it - as you say, pink probably goes better with student-dom than job interviews and such. I know someone who loves Atomic Pink so much that she's used it for years. (She used to have blue, but apparently it wasn't as long-lasting as the pink).

If I had shorter hair, I'd probably be more experimental with it, but I've always had at the back of my mind that it would take a LONG time to grow dye out.

Isabelle said...

Welcome back. I have to say that I'm with your mum on the hair but then I'm old. And you're not.