Thursday, September 11, 2008

Of course not

I failed to mention that the skirting boards are not done, nor have the book cases all been returned to their homes and repopulated with books, nor the clean laundry from last week put away (I am dressing from the back of the sofa to reduce the amount left to stow properly). Situation Normal in other words. It is difficult to maintain the pre-flooring momentum of frantic painting and furniture removal now that we have no deadline other than the imminent breakdown our collective sanity. Especially since this week Matt has been on pager duty, being paged once or twice a night as we sleep, he has to get up and work for an hour or more when that happens, I just go back to sleep, but it's still wiping me out. He's also got some potentially exciting stuff going on, but won't know for a week or more, and I'd really like to know NOW thank you very much, so that I can plot and plan and stop being in suspense!


K said...

The waking-up-in-middle-of-night thing sounds tough. Not surprised you haven't got the skirting boards quite sorted! Hope you get to relax a bit at the weekend.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I am finding 29 fairly exhausting so far this week and have hardly been online - heading to bed now, in fact.

Isabelle said...

Sounds most exciting!

The clean laundry sitting around is a lot better than dirty laundry.