Monday, January 26, 2009

In brief

I have succumbed to Twitter. See sidebar.

Our cable company seems to be confused about which channels we get. Tonight we are watching BBC America. Tomorrow we might not be able to get it.

I am SO GLAD I reduced my hours at work.

Matt will be finished with his BS degree classes this time next year.

Tali is in my lap. I think he is drooling on my arm.


Isabelle said...

I barely know what Twitter is and really really don't need anything else to take up time in my life. So don't make it sound too interesting.

A dribbling cat. Nice.

Julia Scissor said...

Twitter can be addictive.

Isabelle said...

Your interview questions!

1.You’re the product of a British (English?) father and an American mother, you were brought up in Scotland, you now live in America and your husband is American. What nationality do you feel and how do you feel about this?

2.How do you see your life in 20 years’ time?

3.I’ve met your parents and they’re spectacularly lovely people. What is the best gift that they’ve given you? – interpret “gift” any way you want.

4.You’re a very capable person. Is there a talent that you would like to have, but feel you don’t have?

5.Would you like to go up in space? Why? Or why not?