Sunday, June 28, 2009


This all stems from flash drives being forbidden on Military computers, and Epi-Info being unavailable for Mac.

I have been plagued with silly technology-related inconveniences, and at the end of the weekend have achieved very little.

When my Mac Operating System Disk shows up right after I spend $69 on a replacement, that will be the crowning moment of this whole experience.

On the upside, we have upgraded our dining set to one that fits the space better, and has a built in wine cabinet under the table. Then the furniture delivery people got our number wrong.

Nyargh indeed.


Stace said...

We've rearranged our living room to make it more baby-friendly... but she hasn't even arrived to appreciated it yet :(

K said...

Nyargh as you say. I don't think I ever shared the story of our attempts to buy a sofa slipcover from IKEA, did I?

Sadly, it will shortly be my business to discourage large chunks of the University from using Flash drives (or at least from taking them off the premises if they do). I'm not expecting this to make us popular.

Jay said...

We have a bunch of UFDs that are password protected and can be used at my work, but all others are blocked along with CDs, DVD's and other USB devices. Not v.popular at first but people get used to it. It helps having loads of stories in the press about various government agencies losing data.