Sunday, August 16, 2009

Can't talk, deadline will eat me.

Last session of class is tomorrow, revised drafts of Intro, Literature Review, and Methods chapters are due, along with a brief presentation on my project. Then I will be done. For two weeks. Then Fall semester begins.

I'm definitely having trouble concentrating, I'm feeling somewhat burned out, and seriously considering dropping my "extra" class next term. I've gone through the whole program planning my schedule on " I can take it!" principles, and I think it is time to give myself some slack. If taking a challenging work-heavy statistics class, working 20 hours in a my new field, and FINISHING MY THESIS can be considered slack that is. Now that I put it that way it definitely makes sense to skip the additional statistics class. Both the classes I'm signed up for have a reputation for being coursework intensive, and I have learned that can mean "twice as much homework as you'd expect from a three unit class".

Enough procrastination. Back to my second draft.


Isabelle said...

Go for it. Sorry for missing you out of my list of people I've met! I've now rectified this terrible error!

Josh Dermer said...

Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate. Best wishes with all of your classes. I know very well what that struggle is like.

K said...

Oh, sounds so familiar!

I am now well stuck into my own lit review - thanks for the kind words.