Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have allowed myself to be convinced that mathematical calculations exist in the singular form: "Math"

I get graded on the quality of my papers, not marked on my essay-writing.

I mail letters marked with a zipcode.

However, I still live in a flat and close my coat with a zip, not a zipper; I'd rather eat courgette than zucchini (I'd rather spell courgette too).


Anonymous said...

Eeexcellent. Your "re-education" is coming along smoothly, RH77531.

You may reward yourself with a meal spiced with 'erbs that you eat in the g'rawge.


K said...

Hee hee hee. Mind you, I often find myself writing forum posts in transatlantic-speak, just for the sake of clarity. J finds this rather amusing.

Word verification: ststs. Which of course my brain decoded as "stocking stitches".

Isabelle said...

Now now, don't be seduced into losing your native language...

Kyrwyn said...

Well, if it helps, you're sharing out some of those words to others. After sharing a flat with you, I didn't ever really go back to living in an apartment.

After 4+ years of German, I occasionally post letters, too.