Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Flopsy, or Peter?

This is a pretty common scene when I get home from work these days. After the months-long excavation and repair of the sprinkler system Matt got all the leaks patched, I figured out the timing system, and we got the grass seed in place in early January. It has taken off fairly well, there's a lot of clover in there too, but regular mowing is allowing the grass to take hold more. The rabbits seem to enjoy munching on lawn clippings right after we mow. Not shown: a trail of bare spots from gopher burrowing.  The gophers are also very cute, but destructive. Our plans for a vegetable bed include laying fine mesh chicken wire underneath a fenced-in  raised bed to keep out vegetable-thieves of both the overground and underground variety.

Same rabbit, this time on our path. A moment after I took this a black phoebe alighted on one of the solar lamps but flew off again immediately as I tried to get a snap. I planted the french lavender about a year ago and it has been doing well so far. I am under the impression that rabbits are not fond of eating lavender. I hope that's true.

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