Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Further proof [>] that I'm noir to the core, and I'm not just posting it because it shows I've got something in common with the great Greg Dulli.

James Ellroy and Greg Dulli...what a truly messed up combination. It' s not really a surprise that one of my favourite bands' lead singers was obsessed with noir crime novels, and wrote a whole album inspired by the Ellroy Los Angeles quartet of novels. It makes a hell of a lot of sense actually. I have to go home and listen through Black Love [>] all over again.

That man (Greg Dulli) just gets more and more impressive, writing an album inspired by a movie genre and a series of sadistically dark crime novels, catching the spirit of it all in a new media. That is art to me, taking something that speaks to you and making it your own in a way that enables it to speak to countless others who may have missed the original form.

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