Friday, September 06, 2002

I've realised the thing I like least about my body. It's not the shape, I can change that, not neccesarily easily, but it's getting closer and closer to a shape I'm actively happy with. What I dislike is the maintenencestuff. Guys have: washing, and shaving their face if they want to. Women have: Legshaving, eyebrow tweezing, bikini area de-fuzzing, making sure they don't have the random chin hairs that make them resemble fairy-tale witches much more than fairy-tale princesses.

Urgh, it's not even maintenence is it? It's just HAIR REMOVAL! I'm not spectacularly furry as people go, it just grows back too damn fast.

I don't carry out these grooming rituals because I fear I will be rejected if I have fuzz near my navel, I do it because I prefer the feel of having shaven legs, and I think my tummy looks better without fuzz.

Perhaps I should look into that laser hair removal thingy. My sister tried electrolysis and said it hurt like hell, she now has a teeny bald patch on one of her calves, the only place they managed to treat before she ran (maybe limped) away screaming.

Good Gods, I just posted about body hair. I must be bored. Or too sleepy to think of anything more interesting to say.

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