Tuesday, September 03, 2002

We had our first almost-argument yesterday, only it wasn't an argument, as there was no disagreement involved, it was an uncomfortableness. We're still finding our individual and collective feet after Lump's departure and got caught in one of those pointless "what's he/she thinking, he/she seems upset, but I'm afraid to ask..." cycles. It only lasted an hour or so, and was very much compounded by my having been harrassed that afternoon.

Luckily we broke through the self inflicted barrier of silence early enough in the day to crash together on the reclaimed futon and watch two movies, and get some semi-frivolous talking in before bedtime. The kind of semi-frivoulous that's actually all serious. That whole "yeah, this is why we're together" thing.

I suppose what it comes down to (if you really want me to boil it down to the essential oil of us-ness) is the words we used to cement that "we" were ok.



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