Friday, July 30, 2004

Frost Is Now A Novelty

I took this in 2002 when I was home for Christmas. My dad planted this beech hedge and trained the individual bushes together so that the branches are now fused in places. In the summer the leaves are a glossy bright yellow green, and in autumn they turn to copper but stay attached thtough the winter.
Copper Beech
Originally uploaded by Rosemary Grace.


Pinto said...

Thats nice. Reminds me of 1977 when I visited Scotland as a group of Indian students (Firrhill school in Edinburgh)and met a girl called Rosemary - we lost touch over the time and distance that seprates us - she was a sweet beautiful girl. Are you the same person ?


Rosemary Grace said...

Heh, I'm a Rosemary from Edinburgh, but I was born in 1980, so no, I'm not THAT Rosemary.

Anonymous said...


A lovely picture. Frost on leaves is one of the few nice things about living through a winter. That picture reminds me of a similar one frosty-leaves picture I took last Christmas for a photographic challenge - see here.