Wednesday, September 01, 2004

London, 1965: 2 Thugs...

London, 1965
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On the back of this photo I found a typwritten label: "2 thugs caught on their way out trying to pretend they live there. Note fab. flower box."

It's a snapshot of my parents first year of marriage, the little note gave it more personal value. My mother, a little younger than I am now, pointing out her fab window arrangement. She's wearing a blouse that I remember being part of the dress-up box when I was little. My Dad still has that sweater, or one remarkably like it.

I used to live half a mile up the road from the apartment where this was taken, I liked living near where my parents had started out their married life together. They have always been my favourite love story.

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Robin said...

What a beautiful picture and a lovely memory for you.
They sound like they are a great role model for marriage.