Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Seven a.m. at Stone Henge

Stonehenge 179
Originally uploaded by Rosemary Grace.
Matt took this, along with 185 other pictures, he killed a fresh set of batteries!

We arrived just in time to see the sun rise over the mist lying across the countryside, and were treated to an amazingly varied atmosphere as the sun burned through the haze and started to cast shadows and tint the edges of the standing stones with warm light.

I expected it to be a place that gives you goosebumps, like some churches do, but the feeling was one of intense quiet. It wasn't silent, it was deeply peaceful and sheltered from the noise of the world surrounding it. It's an easy place to feel grounded in, I wish I lived close enough to visit on a festival and feel that peace wrapped around me. I'm sure it will be years before we get to go back, but we will get there again, and maybe spend more of our hour just drinking it in.


Tracy said...

Hi Rosemary! What a nice blog you have! I can't wait to go through archieves with time and thought :) Take care,

Tracy from Finland

Ollie said...

The light looks amazing in that thumbnail picture - great composition.

But I can't see the full size picture when I click on the thumbnail... does Flickr not work with Safari?


Rosemary Grace said...

Thanks Ollie, Matt took all the digital photos at Stonehenge, I was wielding my film camera, with B&W film and a red filter to boost the contrast, I haven't developed them yet though. I sent you an email via flickr so you can log on and see a few more of our photos.

There should be a link next to the thumbnail on the flickr site that allows you to view "all sizes".