Friday, December 10, 2004

I Won't Let It Throw Me off Track...I Promise...

I just checked the group exercise schedule for the gym I attend, just to make sure the class I'm planning to go to has not been affected by winter break, and I was presented with a cute snowman jpeg holding a sign announcing NO CLASSES from this Saturday through to January 2nd.


I've only just managed to make that Monday evening class part of my regular routine and now I have to take a two week break! Dammit, now I'll have to actually work out with only myself as inspiration, not the teeny tiny wiry woman at the front of the classroom. So I guess it's time to work on using the simple home strength training routine I have stuck to the fridge. Maybe I should get that Yoga DVD back from my coworker as well.

This is the first time I've mentioned it, but since we got back from the UK I've been actively working on my food/exercise habits, in the hopes of tweaking my weight and bodyfat downwards and my energy levels upwards. I joined the dreaded Weight Watchers (I'm on the "core" plan in case anyone's wondering) and have lost just over 14lb so far, with a one month plateau in the middle where I gained and lost the same 2lb over and over again. That plateau ended when I realized that 30min chugging away on an elliptical may burn a few calories, but it wasn't doing anything to build muscle anywhere in my body, so it was a short term pennance for the odd extra cookie, not anything that would really affect my body composition in a lasting way. Now I'm attempting to practice what I preach; which is that for my body strength training is the way to go, and the rest follows. Notice the emphasis on the personal here. I've read enough weight loss blogs to know that any mention whatsoever of a fitness or weightloss strategy invites a lot of comments and controversy. I'm thinking about adding a section to my sidebar for the diet and weightloss specific sites I visit regularly...but I don't plan on becoming a weight loss blogger, at least it's not an active goal of mine.

Back to the main reason for this posting. The lack of organized exercise classes over Winter break. I will cope, even if it means recruiting Matt to be a cheerleader and make me do extra sets of whatever exercise I'm getting bored with after 5 reps. After three months of effort I'm definitely on track to keep this new health kick going, even if it's in fits and starts it feels good to be making progress again.

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