Monday, December 13, 2004

Photoshopped Rings (not from Middle Earth)

We picked up our wedding rings on Saturday. They're both in white gold, Matt's (on the left) has oxidation to bring out the design, and actually looks like a negative image of this picture. Mine is rhodium plated and shiny, so the design doesn't pop out quite so much, especially not as shown, with blue-flame effect photo shopping. I'm looking forward to see how mine weathers, as the rhodium wears off it'll get lots of character.

Most of the wedding planning stuff has now been taken care of. The bridesmaid's dresses have been picked and approved, I've picked my shoes and jewelery, Matt's ordered his kilt outfit, the main vendors have been confirmed too. Matt's immediate family are making travel plans (YAY) and now we're starting to get excited about the whole shebang, it's getting close and starting to feel real!

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