Thursday, October 06, 2005

No wonder I suck at pushups

I can bench press....



Twenty Five Measly Pounds.

The only way I can go is up, since 25lb is the weight of the unloaded bar I have no choice but to work my way up to...THIRTY MEASLY POUNDS.

Actually I'm really pleased at yesterday evening's workout, my arms, shoulders and back are aching nicely, and nothing went ping.

My legs are even more pathetic than my bench pressing skills though, unloaded squats for yours truly for a while before I attempt to add the 25lb bar across my shoulders.


Nessajane said...

Hi, I was just reading your comment on Shauna's site (Dietgirl) and I saw that you had a video clip on stem cell beer and you offered to send it to anybody interested.

Could you please send me a copy to

I would very much appreciate it as my hubby is a connoisseur of all things beery.

Also, I enjoyed reading your site. (My friend is a scientist in Sydney).

Nessajane from down under

K said...

Stem cell beer? What? Explain!

Other than that... I really need to book a free-weights induction so they'll let me use them at the gym. If you're brave enough, I will be too.

I must say, I can't bicep-curl more than thirty pounds after months (literally) of trying, and that's only one notch up. But I've been told you can make better progress with free weights.

On the other hand, I like the leg press machine so much, I almost don't want to abandon it for squats even though I know they're better... My lower-body strength has increased no end, but the upper body is going to take a lot more work.

Rosemary Grace said...

The stem cell beer is a joke movie, shown to a class of PhD students at my university, oneof them is a friend of mine so she sent it on to me:

New! Stem Cell Beer! Re-builds your liver WHILE YOU DRINK!