Friday, October 21, 2005


Wow. The coffee cart coffee must be way stronger than what I'm making at home, I just had one cup from the cart and I'm all zoomy and light headed. My hands are actually shaking! For reference, I usually have 2 or three large mugs of coffee in the morning at home.

I'm going to eat my lunch, drink some water and hope that I slow down soon so that I can do some cell culture. Hopefully my coworkers won't be put off by me flittering about the lab muttering "buzz buzz buzz, zoom zoom, buzzbuzzbuzz", which is how a friend of mine once responded to a double hammerhead.


K said...

What's a double hammerhead?

I owe you an e-mail... things have been busy!

Rosemary Grace said...

A double hammerhead is a large mug of regular cofffee with two espresso shots added. I used to drink them daily until I realized I was just turning myself into a caffiene addict for no reason and switched to coffee alone, no added espresso.