Saturday, November 05, 2005

Watch what you say

Not that long ago I was commenting that my new post-wedding life contained few significant landmarks and deadlines for me, and that that was a good state of being for me.

Well, evidently the lull was too much for me and I needed a new project, because I've decided to apply for graduate school. Specifically to study epidemiology and add the letters "MPH" (Masters in Public Health) to my name. "M.P.H." The post graduate degree that sounds like a stifled burp. Seriously, try it. Try saying "mph" and making it sound scholarly.

So besides my current biostatistics class (in which I have earned a "A" every week so far, go me) I now must start studying for the GRE, which is a post-graduate study entrance exam type thing. Standardized test a la I.Q. tests. I've already signed up to take it in the middle of December, just to make it real. The application is due March 1st. So there's two new deadlines I'm counting down to: Mid-December GRE exam, and 1st of March application due, including spiffy letter of intent and worshipful reference letters from my boss and her cronies. My boss is very supportive of this, I'm very relieved, I was a little afraid to tell her I'd suddenly moved up the schedule for deserting her.


K said...

Oh wow, the GRE. I know it well - or at least I know its result form well. I used to work in the postgraduate office at Edinburgh Uni, and they came in by the sackful. I'm sure you'll do fine. Try and look cheerful when they take your photo...

I'm about to apply to do a(nother) Master's myself - it'll either be an MLitt or an MSc Econ, depending on where I do it. I don't know what Archive Administration has to do with either science or economics... it's probably all down to which faculty oversees it.

Rosemary Grace said...

I bet Archive Admin is often relegated to "oh, shove it in with XYZ, I can't be bothered to think of an appropriate category". Linguistics sometimes gets the same treatment, it's a category to itself really.