Monday, January 23, 2006

All Is Vanity

While faffing about attempting to resize a photograph to send in for a passport I was seduced by the sparkly lure of airbrushing. First I used it to conceal the incision that will soon be replaced by a much larger one, then I dotted out a couple of obvious pimples. By that point I was far too mad with the new power to make up for my inexpert application of concealer and powder, and I zapped away the under-eye shadows too!

I'm officialy a Californian. Or maybe it's just reaching 26.

If you go to the flickr page and flip back and forth between the two photos it's pretty cool, just like one of those "debunking the beauty myth" websites showing magazine covers.


K said...

Oh, I don't know - apart from the ex-mole, which I can see has vanished now you point it out, I think the differences are very subtle... I once tried to "improve" a photo of mine, and ended up with an obvious android.

Doesn't America allow you to smile either? My latest passport effort has me attempting to smile with my mouth closed, which produces an odd smirk.

K said...

And I meant to say but somehow didn't when I accidentally deleted the above comment and had to start again - I think you're being very sensible about the surgery, though it is a serious bummer. My sister has had the odd mole removed (and I'm beginning to wonder about getting my own checked out).

And on a more cheerful note, I'll be going for my dress fitting on Friday, and will send you a photo if all goes well...

Rosemary Grace said...

This is for a UK passport, I'm grinning like a loon in my US one, which was taken at a photo booth and is pretty crummy. Now I know how to specify sizes I plan on DIY passport photos all the way! Matt took this one.

The version of photoshop I have at work is very spiffy, it has a tool that looks like a plaster, for "mending" flaws. That's what I used, I'd tried something similar before with the paint function and it wasn't so successful.

Yes, do get your moles looked at! Skin cancer is surprisingly common in Scotland, because everyone's so pale. My family has a predisposition, so I knew to get annual checkups with a dermatologist.