Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Sunday was designated stuff-your-face day, Matt woke me up by bringing me a Coldstone Creamery chocolate raspberry ice cream cake in bed. With candles that look like crayons! My initial plan was to have icecream cake and a bottle of zinfandel for breakfast, but since I wanted to go to yoga we saved the wine for AFTER the workout. We also had steak for dinner, followed by more cake. Yum.

Today we are "celebrating" by having the pre-operative consultation with the surgeon, getting the stitches taken out of my leg, then going home for leftover london broil steak and the last bit of cake. with super yummy framboise lambic to wash it down.

Oh, and Tali's getting checked out by the vet today, poor little bugger has been acting strange, like he might be about to scent-mark stuff, even though he's never been a spraying kinda guy. So he gets to have his nethers probed by a stranger. Being away from his sister will probably be the worst part of the day. They do much better going to the vet as a pair, so they can cower in their carrier together.


dietgirl said...

cake! in bed! wow... great start to the day. hope the rest goes well for you!

K said...

Happy birthday! (Though I have to admit, I'm slightly nauseated by the idea of wine at breakfast time!)

Poor Tali. I don't suppose angling for some sympathy by showing him your own war wounds would do any good? I hope he's soon better and purring.

Rosemary Grace said...

Wine with breakfast works if it's a leisurely cake-eating kind of breakfast, More like brunch really. I'd only do it on my birthday, or Matt's.