Wednesday, December 13, 2006


My new music/camera/phone arrived today, I have been able to figure out uploading my phone numbers, and using the camera, all while sick and spacy. This is good, this means it's intuitive to use. I really like the interface, the screen is sharp, the buttons are easy to press, this is the most excited by a new phone I have ever been. Usually it's more a case of "ok, it works", or with my other Sony, the phone I picked because it was a free world phone, it was a case of "what the hell? where's the text messaging? where's my address book? these buttons are TOO TINY!" This phone also has a screen on the outside, that tells me who's calling, so I answer by opening the phone, but don't have to open the phone to see who it is. Nifty. I have already found that feature to be much more convenient.

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