Sunday, December 31, 2006

New dining table!

Dec06 036
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The new opiate of the masses (that's consumerism, the new religion of the developed world) struck us yesterday, as I was at COSTCO buying foodage for our Hogmanay party I passed by this lovely dining table, which exactly fits the "dream table" Matt and I described to each other, and never found, when shopping for such a thing three years ago. The price was very good, and the thing is ridiculously solid, with a lovely finish. Not as dark as this photo makes it look. I stood and petted it for a few minutes thinking "oh boy, if I tell Matt about this, we're gonna spend some unplanned money...but it's preeeeetty". Then I went home and told him about it. A few hours later, after two trips to transport the matching chairs, we've got it set up in our dining room/area/corner. It has two removable leaves, which we will not need in this flat, fully extended it seats 10-12, sans extensions it seats 6, maybe 8, it's a real "grown up" dining table.

Thus continues our collection of slightly oversized furniture, pushing the limits of what our flat can comfortably contain.

This photo also shows off the silly new top I bought the other day, retro early 1970's giant daisies and lots of cleavage aren't my usual look, but I like it a lot, it's surprisingly flattering, and stopped reminding Matt of his Grandma's apron as soon as I put it on.

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K said...

You know, I have almost exactly that top, except with poppies instead of daisies.

The table's lovely! (I first typed "lively", which isn't what I mean at all.)