Sunday, November 18, 2007

Copies of what?

The university enrollments office wants me to stop by with my A-Level certificates, since they need to see the originals and keep copies. Sure, I keep 9 year old high school exam result certificates handy at all times.

I am saved by my Mum, who was able to put her hand on the certificates inside about 5 minutes (a rare feat of finding in their house, usually once something is lost it's lost to a black hole only to reappear 15 years later when you are looking for something else entirely). Even better, the office is fine with faxed copies for now, as long as I bring by the originals for inspection once they get to me. It's beyond me why they need documentation of high school exam results, though I suppose it's something about the US equivalent "AP" classes, counting for university credit.

This morning I went on a bit of a rampage after putting up a shelf in the kitchen, I scrubbed the kitchen floor, cabinet fronts and all the doors and door frames in the flat. This may have something to do with wanting to nest before my family comes to visit for Christmas. Can't have grimy door jambs!


Isabelle said...

Wow, have just seen the cows. That's quite a lot. What fun. I think I like the flying ones best.

Impressed also at the domestic goddess stuff.

Rosemary Grace said...

Please be advised that we have lived in this flat nearly four years and I had never cleaned the doors before. Usually I limit myself to hoovering and cleaning the cat nose-prints off the windows.

I only just bought a mop. Turns out the linoleum is quite a different colour than what I had thought.

Mistress Cavallaro said...

I just laughed out loud at this one, because I have similar outbursts of "cleaning" and they only occur once every two or three years. Usually because a group of people are coming over too.