Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hi Ho

Back to work I go.

It has been a lovely long weekend. We didn't get the magical stone shelter in the desert campground, because the campground was booked up with reservations. We ended up in a free camping area, with no amenities beyond dunnies, but it was great because we had the whole area to ourselves, under a funky tree for shade. Just us and the desert. A coyote came to check out our campground the first night, we heard him yip-yip-yipping, and the answering call from further away, he wasn't close enough that we heard his foot falls, but he was close! There were a lot of wild bunnies around our site, and a lot of coyote scat (poop), so I think we were invading a favourite coyote hunting ground.

Wednesday night we had our tent pitched, set a fire going in our fire pit, ate hot dogs, drank beer and hung out until we'd burned half the firewood we had with us, just chatting. Thursday morning, after breakfast and espresso, we went for a little hike along the dirt road that lead to our site. When we'd drunk half the water we were carrying, we turned around and went back to the site to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Roast turkey, potatoes cooked in garlic olive oil with a bit of bacon, mixed veggies in butter and herbs, corn bread (bought, then heated over the charcoal), and pecan pie (also bought and heated over the charcoal) and wine from our favourite winery. Yum.


JDC said...

What is a dunnie? I am thinking pit toliet.

Isabelle said...

My colleague got an Evening News today for some reason, so of course I read it rather than getting on with my work, and there was a lovely article all about your dad!!!

Of course, maybe he's in the News every day and it's just that I never see it...

Rosemary Grace said...

Thanks! I didn't know about the article. Nor that there's a facebook fan club for him! I joined it of course.

He's on the radio now and then, when someone wants a "language expert", though often it's not really relevant to his field.