Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pretty different compared to last year, also really late as these things go

It is clear that this time last year I was determined to move on and get into graduate studies, since my brush with cancer delayed those plans. It's great to read the answers I wrote last January and realize that I did indeed take the GRE, and apply for a program, I even got in!

Looking back at that post also reminds me how up-in-the-air my job situation was from late 2006 until mid-2007. Coming back from Christmas break this year I felt very much that I was returning to the routine, that I knew where I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to be doing, pretty good indications that I've fully transitioned into the new lab.

1. Will you be looking for a new job? No! I like my job, and I do not want to be job-seeking while beginning a master's degree!

2. Will you be looking for a new relationship? No. Well, I'd like to have a new and improved relationship with my body and health. This is last year's answer, but it still applies, so it stays.

3. New house? We couldn't move if we wanted to, the market is still going backwards in our neck of the woods. Fortunately, we don't want to move, just rip out the carpet and do a bit of painting...

4. What will you do that is different in '08? I will have to have a much more organized approach to daily tasks, both at home and at work, in order to slot in the additional tasks of going to class, reading textbooks and doing homework. I think this year I will have my head down focusing on the job at hand, and spend less time thinking/fantasizing/fretting about the future.

5. New Years resolution? Maintain at least a B average in my classes, survive being a student without a negative effect on my health and/or sanity.

6. What will you not be doing in '08? Wasting time wondering if I'm good enough to get into graduate school.

7. Any trips planned? PA in the summer, maybe for the 4th of July.

8. Wedding plans? No weddings on the horizon.

9. Major thing on your calendar? Start of classes, finals, SUMMER BREAK (which may contain a pottery or belly dancing class as a reward).

10. What can't you wait for? Right now, the things I was impatient for are happening RIGHT NOW, I haven't thought of a new thing to be impatient for, I suppose I can't wait to get stuck in to my classes.

11. What would you like to see happen differently? The general election. No joke.

12. What about yourself will you be changing? The quantity of free time I have available, I think this year I will be squeezing every last drop of time out of my days.

13. What happened in 07 that you didn't think would ever happen? I went on antidepressants, and it was a really good decision. (Both seemed impossible)

14. Will you be nicer to the people you care about? I certainly plan to knit them more things.

15. Will you dress differently this year than you did in 07? Not on purpose.

16. Will you start or quit drinking? Nope. I want to change my morning coffee to tea, save coffee for the weekends and put Baileys in it!

17. Will you better your relationship with your family? My relationship with my parents gets better every year.

18. Will you do charity work? Realistically? No, I won't have the time to give. I will continue to sign petitions for causes important to me, and keep working on reducing my carbon footprint.

19. Will you go to bars? I want to go to the San Diego House of Blues sometime this year.

20. Will you be nice to people you don't know? Yes.

21. Do you expect 08 to be a good year for you? Yes. Also a very busy one.

22. How much did you change from this time last year till now? I feel a lot more stable and comfortable with my life.

23. Do you plan on having a child? Not this year!

24. Will you still be friends with the same people you are friends with now? Yes, I hope to meet some new groovy people through classes too. At least good study mates.

25. Major lifestyle changes? Becoming one of those crazies who works full time and goes to university too.

26. Will you be moving? I hope not!

27. What will you make sure doesn't happen in 08 that happened in 07? In 2007 I did not see nearly enough of my husband, I want this year to be different.

28. What are your New Years Eve plans? Two weeks ago, I fell asleep on the living room floor.

29. Will you have someone to kiss at midnight? I did. My husband. But I was asleep.

30. One wish for 08? Successful navigation of the whole work-plus-university thing.


Stace said...

When my husband and I first started dating, he was working two part-time jobs and studying full-time. And also, of course, managing to develop a relationship in there somewhere as well. Oh, and he was in the airforce reserves as well. It's tough, but you'll find a way to manage your time :)

Isabelle said...

All the best for all that! Sounds very positive indeed.