Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mouse 'flu* sweeps through laboratory

Over half the lab is down for the count. I'm in, but functioning on low brain power - only slow and steady computer analysis for me today, no sectioning or anything else involving sharp things.

*no such thing, but we work with rodents and I just had a class on avian 'flu.


Isabelle said...

I've got your mouse flu or at least a bad mouse cold.

Thank you for the Monty Python clip. Now I understand!

Guess Who! said...

Been trying to call you, got some crazy news. If I can't get a hold of you tomorrow, it may be a while.

Stace said...

I've been surprisingly healthy of late... generally I have a very low immune system, I catch every little cold/flu/infection going around... but it must be at least 6 months since I was sick. It's great! :)

JJ said...

my brain only has two settings at the best of times - Low and Off.