Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cottage Industry

photo 4.JPG, originally uploaded by Rosemary Grace.

I warped my little rigid heddle loom for this scarf on Monday. Now, on wednesday evening, it's hanging to dry. All it needs is some kind of finishing on the fringe. I am thinking teeny braids. See the little droplets of water hanging off the fringe? That's after running it through the mighty centrifugal forces of Granny's washing machine!

Following a rainy 120 mile drive and a sing-along Messiah in the Walt Disney Symphony Hall I have been ensconced with my family at my Granny's townhouse in the San Fernando Valley since Sunday night. Matt is coming up by motorcycle tomorrow. I think it's becoming his Christmas tradition to ride his motorbike up here. We have been watching the impressive rain storms all week but it looks like it's clearing up now. I hope he arrives dry. Or at least mostly dry.

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