Friday, April 27, 2012

Déjà vu

I have been using Google Documents a lot recently. We use it at work, and it reminded me what a handy tool it is. I've started creating the agenda for our Fellowship's Social Action Committee meetings as a Google Doc and now I don't have to remember where I left that slip of paper last month, I can just grab it from my email account and re-edit for the new month. This morning I was going through to see what else I had created, deleting obsolete files and making folders, tidying up my virtual desk. I came across this list of things to do from a few years ago. 

Weekend Household Chores: a list made with all good intentions by yours truly, Nov 2008

  • Install floor transition and last of baseboard in master bedroom
  • Install remaining baseboards in hall & dining area
  • Caulk Living Room
  • Plastic Drawer Unit in Study
  • Attack Master Bedroom closet shelves - what the hell is all that stuff and do we really need it?
  • Organize underbed drawers- Same as closet. Reclaim space!
  • Go through ornaments & tchotchkes - throw stuff out
  • (Reorganize Rosie's Yarn stash)

We moved out of that flat in February of this year. We left behind spare planks of laminate flooring, and the uninstalled transition strips and baseboards for bedroom and dining area. Just add handyperson for a finished living area.  We did caulk the baseboard/floor join in the living room, though probably not that ambitious weekend. The ornaments and tchotchkes were never thinned out, we do have a little more space for such things but a purge is still in order. After we actually unpack them.

My favourite is "what the hell is all that stuff and do we really need it?"

Amen sister.

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