Monday, April 23, 2012

Object Permanence

Our bed is positioned in the corner of the room with the foot against the wall so that we can have our dresser and reading lamps at the head of the bed and maximize the remaining floor space. An added bonus is the ability to lounge in bed and look straight out the window at the trees in the back garden. It means I have to clamber over Mr Riveter to get in and out of bed, since we're rather fond of each other the clambering isn't a problem. It also makes changing the bedding a little ungainly, but sometimes having a good view of the space between the wall and the foot of the bed has unexpected payoffs.

The day after moving I could not find my wallet. I had had it when we went out for dinner on moving day, but it wasn't in my handbag, nor on my dresser, nor under the bed, nor any other place I thought to look for it. I had been carefully hanging my handbag on the bedpost so I would not lose it's contents in the chaos of the move. Whoops.

I had a little cry about the $230 cash that had been in left in my wallet after the movers ended up costing a lot less than expected. I shed an extra tear for the nice wallet itself, a peacock blue fake-leather beaut I had taken a year to hunt down on sale. Then I remembered that I'd tucked my social security card in there for safe keeping and had another little cry. At least my passports were safely in a different pocket of my handbag, so I could identify myself as a citizen as long as nobody minded them still being in my maiden name.

Life moved on. I called banks and credit card companies and told them "I need to change my address and get a card reissued, I lost my wallet, yes it's really me, please don't send the cards to my old address". A smaller replacement wallet was bought to house the replacement cards. I got a replacement driver's license with the new address on it and even received the new Social Security card in time to get paid at my temporary job in March.

On Saturday morning I was making the bed, and as I tucked in the foot of the sheet I noticed sunlight glinting off a mysterious object wedged between the frame and the box springs. I reached down and pulled out...the beloved peacock blue wallet. Right where I'd left it. Sort of.

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