Friday, February 15, 2002

Bad week at work. Kind of. It seems like any time I'm doing something specifically at Vincenzo's request, I screw it up completely. Usually because he has given me less than half of the neccesary information, and I follow the way I do stuff for Mayra (which usually works great) only he wants something different and doesn't tell me.

Like today for instance, I was developing two western blots I've run for him. When I went to him yesterday to ask which two primary antibodies he wanted me to use, he handed me two primary antibodies he'd just bought, and said "probe with these two" I managed to get the concentration neccesary out of him, and away I went. Now this morning I took them out of the antibodies, and threw out the antibody solutions, as I always do for Mayra because she'd said it wasn't worth keeping them, they grow stuff and are no good.

When I showed him the results, he said "but where is the control" What control? I wanted you to run each of these in turn with a control... But you said to "use these two" so I did...

AND he'd wanted me to keep the antibody solutions to re-use...and and and WAGH!

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