Friday, February 22, 2002

Reasons Why One Shouldn't Google One's Father

Since I already know what I get when I google myself, I decided to google for "JR Hurford linguistics" and see just how many times he pops up. Besides the obvious citations in various online journals, I came across this article [>] and was reminded of just how smart my Dad really is. I remember him writing it, I actually gave him the idea for it when I told him about dorsal/ventral processing routes for visual and auditory information. He then stole a couple of my cogsci and neurobio books and went and wrote a paper. Just like that.

I guess this is all part of me feeling like my brain has siezed up since I left UCSD, well actually since before that.

There was a point when I really knew my stuff on cognitive neurobio, it was when I got an A- in Martin Sereno's class in fact. I think I need to dig out my copy of Phantoms In The Brain and give myself a refresher course. Or read that Stephen Pinker book. I don't think I'm ready to tackle anything my Dad wrote though...

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