Friday, August 23, 2002

Countdown to Lump's departure: 24hrs 40ish min

I had so hoped that he would go through the last week here without new incidents of belligerence, it was bad enough that he continued to steal food when he had supplies of his own in the larder, but rifling through his brothers things, not even just the stuff in the living room, going into the back of the closet and upturning boxes and drawers...

No farewell breakfast at IHOP for this boy, my only objection to Matt's new idea of dropping him at the airport at 8am is that we will have no way to be certain he's actually ON his plane!

How can someone who has clearly demonstrated possesion of a workable intelligence be so excruciatingly stupid in his behaviour? He is alienating every person who could possibly give a damn what happens to him, one by one he drives them away by refusing to treat anyone like a human being. Then he rails about the unfairness of being treated like a child, or a misbehaving pet.

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