Monday, August 26, 2002

Summary of the weekend
-Tenuous peace restored on Friday night, reprieve granted in the form of IHOP breakfast on Saturday.
-Absence of wallet (and thus I.D) noticed after said breakfast.
-Much panicking on part of Lump.
-Much determination to get him on the f***ing flight anyway on part of the reluctant parent substitutes/keepers. (that's me and Matt)
-Found out a police report stating wallet was stolen would suffice in place of I.D.
-Lovely, wonderful, sanity-saving La Mesa police officer named Coffey gave us a police report on the spot, rather than enforcing the usual 8 day wait.
-Lump successfully ushered through airport security and out of our lives.
-Speedy exit from airport.
-Much jubilation
-Followed by…
-SIX HOURS of scrubbing, mopping, dusting, de-grunging, swearing at randomly sprinkled tortilla crumbs and general cleaning rendered the apartment once more homey and presentable.
-The happy couple (that's me and Matt again) proceeded to a refreshingly bohemian café in La Mesa to reinforce the ability to be free grownups without the worry of what they'll come home to, and especially the ability to exist WITHOUT AN AUDIENCE.
-There was further exercising of the joys of lacking an audience after returning home from the café…

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