Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Did I ever point out that I've now had this journal over a year?

Well, um, I have.

Which means there's a whole heaping helping of anniversaries of last year's significant happenings on the way. The first would be the day I left Edinburgh for Atlanta; followed by Sept 11th, then the day I left Atlanta...

I most likely will not mark these dates, it may not even occur to me on the day itself when there is one. Samhain will be big, though it's not an anniversary of anything other than the last Samhain. It marks the end of my first entire year in San Diego: my fresh start year. It felt like much more of a dividing line than the day I arrived here. When I landed I still had to find a job, sort my head out, remember who I was and what I was looking for, clear up the last vestiges of bullshit with Loki. Well…ok, tell him plainly that by moving 3000miles away I was, in fact, breaking up with him, not just taking a little space to clear my head. Admittedly I'd assumed (or hoped) that message was implicit in the whole moving 3000 miles thing, but I suppose some people don't take hints. Especially if they don't want to believe them. No, this is not meant as a dig, I am thinking out loud, it's a journal after all.

It was after last Samhain that I got my job, my driving license, my car…saw my family again with most of my mental faculties restored (as opposed to when I left them in August, when I was just about functional, but that was it) moved into the new apartment, turned 22, took up some activities again, started dating, made new friends, fell in love. November is when my life started movingagain, this life I have now, it all took off after that blue moon.

I'm sure there will be some startling changes over the next 12 months as well, but somehow I don't think they will be quite as dramatic or fundamental as these have been. It will be a continuation of a path, not the forging of a whole new one.

I'm looking forward to my first Autumn with Matt, our summer got eaten up with business and crisis after crisis. Even if it isn't a peaceful last quarter, it'll still be nice to watch the seasons change over together.

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