Thursday, January 31, 2002

Bloody typical innit? I get all maudlin and mopey in the anticipation, and on the actual day it really doesn't bug me. Starting the day out with my parents calling to say hi was a good thing, it made up for not actually being in the same country with them. They were surprised that I didn't have some big blowout party planned, but up until maybe last night I really didn't feel like planning any kind of "do" All I really want to do tonight is sit about with the Faeries and watch ER. Maybe with some booze involved. I'm so boring.

I'm toying with the idea of inviting some other ppl over, but I know K'wyn and 'Lia have a paper due tomorrow so prolly best to wait till the weekend for any celebration. It's prolly really bad form to wait till the actual day to start thinking about organising a gathering, but I really do better with after the fact birthday parties anyway, that way the inticipaiton isn't spoiled by my pre-birthday depression. I didn't tell Mum and Dad that was why I hadn't planned anything yet, I think in some ways it would help Mum to know she's not alone in her mourning, but then she'd feel bad that it affected me. *shrug* Best not to call her in tears when she's most likely feeling pretty low herself. it really that wrong to hope very much not to get a birthday call from some people?

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