Thursday, January 31, 2002

Meh. Work sucks when there's nothing to do. I feel like a fraud for getting a paycheck for this! Not that I'm really complaining. It's just very frustrating when there really is nothing to do and my boss wanders past and tells me it's rather sad that I don't have the initiative to find stuff to do.

I've inventoried the DNA samples from the mice, I've counted our stock solutions and made up spares, I've chased Mayra asking for jobs to do, I've randomly re-ordered drawers of equipment and test tubes. Of course, when it's time to clean the incubators (which would be a great nobrainer for today) I've got shitloads of stuff I have to get set up and end up staying at work till 7pm. Maybe I'll eventually get it sorted out so the nobrainer stuff gets done when I've got nothing better to do, rather than after the important stuff at 9am on a SATURDAY morning.

*melodramatic sigh* It's such a hard life here in San Diego with no co-dependant creatures to eat my salary but me and the tax man.

Speaking of co-dependant calls from you know who yet...may it long continue thus.

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